Need help on 3/7 i go to enter git init and the instructions dont tick the cd one does not the git init command


Hello helpers of the forum i am JacZ and i need help with 3/7 so on number 1 i enter CD personal-website and it works then i get to number 2 and i enter git init and the instructions box doesn't tick but it does on the CD command


If your intention is to initialize a git repo in ~/workspace/daw/personal_website (i might have gotten the exact path a bit wrong, you know better), then check whether you're in the right location with the command pwd (print working directory) and check whether the output of git init indicates success. You can also check if a .git directory was created by using ls with the -a flag to also show hidden (starting a filename with a dot is a name convention for hidden, so some tools will treat them as hidden)

A likely explanation is that you created the repository in a different location


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