Need help, library

#1 error: missing method body, or declare abstract
public Library();
^ error: size is not public in HashMap; cannot be accessed from outside package
{ if (library.size < 1 ) {
2 errors

Replace this line with your code. 




Hey there @vrakasteli,

I'm a moderator here and I noticed you flagged your own post and was just wondering why you did that. Are you still looking for help (and you flagged this so that you could get the attention of the staff), or would you like us to delete this post for you?

I've temporarily unlisted this topic (so only moderators + you can see it) while I await your reply.

Happy Coding!
- JibblyJ


Hey jibblyj,

yes, I flagged it to get more attention. I still need help! CanĀ“t find my mistake. Please help me...



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