Need help javascript and html

My code isn’t working at all, help is much appreciated, I’m a noob sorry.
PS, sorry if this is in the wrong place

<!doctype html>
function load_js()
var play = prompt('Do you want to play?')
if (play == No || play == no) {
function close_window() {
  if (confirm("Close Window?")) {
else if (confirm == false) {
//above closes game if player says no
//now for null value
else if (play == null || play == '' ) {
alert ('Invalid input, please write yes or no')}
else if (play == yes'){

What’s wrong about it? Describe what you’re trying to change about it, ask questions

When i run it nothing happens, it probably needs multiple bugs removed

One problem shows up if you look at the colours of the code you posted above. Strings are marked red. What’s going on with the red colour at the bottom? Your indentation also looks off, that doesn’t affect the code, but by fixing it you might find that your curly braces don’t match up.
After you’ve fixed those things you might want to find yourself a linter or other code validator, they might have more things to say.