Need Help How To Become Better


from import Client

# Your Account Sid and Auth Token from
# DANGER! This is insecure. See
account_sid = ''
auth_token = ''
client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

message = client.messages.create(smsbody=body, from_=str(core), to=str(To_X))

def message():
  core = getpass.getpass("Enter Number From: ")
  To_X = getpass.getpass("Enter Number To: ")
  body = getpass.getpass("Enter TXT")

I am trying with my knowledge (from Code Academy) built a small script in python for SENDING sms, using terminal is it possible to create such projects after complete half of education. i know it is not Code Academy topic but i think it is important for us learners to get some small kind explanation.

Thank you Code Academy !