Need help for my project!

Hi everyone, I have an idea but not sure how to execute it and hoping someone who is more experienced can assist me with my project. I plan to extend the program to do more but for now I want to figure out how to do this section in the program I want to create.

This is what I want to create:

  • I want to create a program that automatically selects an output which in this case would be a twitter username.
  • I have all the usernames currently listed in notepad in the following style:
    and so on.
    *** I am continually added to this list

Things I need to know

  1. What language do I code something like this in.
  2. Is it possible to prioritize specific twitter users so that they will be selected more/less often. ( I have the usernames sorted into different categories ).

Thank you and all help is greatly appreciated :smile:

You want to fetch the username from twitter? Or just a text field where people can enter there twittername? If it is the first, you will need the twitter api to fetch the username:

You can use many serverside language (php, ruby, python, even C) to open files, and write to files. Use what ever language you are comfortable with/you already know. Good luck! I don’t know why this has the javascript tag, you want to this in javascript?