Need help for lesson 7 intruction 3

What I am doing wrong isn`t this correct? Math.ceil(43.8);

Math.ceil(43.8); //should return 44 after rounding up

What challenge are you on, also are there any errors?

i also need help lesson 7

Of course, which problem are you working on?

Please share the lesson title, and link, and also what you have tried so we can code review together :slight_smile:

I need help with lesson 7 too, but the 2nd instruction

Please add the lesson link and the code so I can see

hi i need help with lesson 7 question 3 and 4

Hey @magda2003 are you still struggling with Lesson 7: Libraries?

Hi Tommy yes plz can’t figure out the answer

Ok @magda2003 so to be clear what step are you working on in the Libraries lesson?

keep in mind that these challenges require googling and browsing for javascript documentation :wink:

hi Tommy struggling to find hint in Math.ceil library answer to question 3

A hint is usually found beneath the instruction/step, but essentially you want to start on a new line and create a new console.log() statement

then create a .ceil, ceiling method and call it on the Math object

@aaronjoseph2001 we try to drop hints instead of complete solutions :wink:

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ok will delete but when i came here you guys don’t have good explanation so i thought better to just put the answer

I think the problem is just a little hard for many beginners, this was initially a single question and response for 1 person but it became a thread for many students :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :tada:

keep up the good work @aaronjoseph2001

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