Need help for development?

Hello everyone,
I am learning C# just because I want to learn to develop a site with My website is currently managed by my developer and I want to manage my website by myself.

Please guys guide me which course I should take to learn web development with MVC using C# ?

Hi there.

There is a course specifically for building web apps using C# and

If you don’t have Pro, though, I would suggest the following courses:

There is also a wealth of information, including tutorials and learning resources, available on the Microsoft documentation site. The Learn section covers all manner of Microsoft technology, including C# and

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Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I have pro account of codecademy, I know html and css already very well and I am also good/beginner into C#

so please suggest me the correct path?

First I should be expert and c# then I can start learning this course?

Please explain me the correct path to get started?

Is learning that course only is enough ?

Please explain me every thing the actual correct path how I can be a .net web developer I am very dedicated towards learning so please help me to get the correct path.

Thank you very much!
I hope you guide me in the correct way in becoming the .net web developer

No problemo.

I don’t think you’d need to be an expert in C# to start that path. If you have a decent grasp on web design languages (HTML/CSS) and the basics of C# under your belt, then you’ll probably be in a good place for that path.

We should always be prepared, whilst learning anything, to go and look things up if we find things we don’t entirely understand. You might need to refer to the documentation a bit along the way, and you can find the ASP.NET documentation here

I haven’t completed that path myself; but, I would expect that it will at the very least provide you with sufficient know-how to build a “minimum viable product” so you have a good starting point from which to expand your abilities.

There are a number of example “Build your first…” projects in the documentation for various types of web app; APIs, websites… and it covers both MVC and Razor.