Need help for Area Calculator


i have tried to solve it but still not giving me the right answer…


general syntax for if:

if condition:

the colon is missing in your case


Thank you for your help …

i added the colon … but still the error is shown


why did you add the colon there?


should i add it after ‘C’ ?


i don’t know, should it? In my example i place the colon after the condition, in your code what is the condition? Knowing that should answer where to place the colon


just worked :)…

Thank you for your support


Hey bighash, I have the same problem. I have tried to put the colon just after the ‘C’. It still gives me a syntax error. Any advice?


Check that your indentation is correct.


Thanks, indentation was fine. I think the problem was in the quotes i used for the string. ’ '. That’s the only thing i changed and it ran fine. Thanks a lot!!!


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