Need help finding the right-level practice projects (Javascript)

I recently completed the “Learn Javascript” course and am currently enrolled in the Full-Stack career path. Here I’ve completed the HTML section and am digging through the CSS section now.
On a mobile app, I tried some basic JS tasks and realised that some basic syntax is slipping through my fingers like sand, and I really need to practice more to keep new concepts alive and fresh in my mind.
I went to the Projects section, where only two JS project suggestions are waiting for me - one is free-form (so, too hard), the other with “more guidance” - so I looked at it and found it included object-oriented programming (classes and instances, and services), which was not covered in my beginner’s JS course.
In the Code Challenges section, everything is intermediate or advanced, hence also too hard for me to practice my JS fundamentals.

  • Are the three small projects included in the “Learn Javascript” course all that Codecademy has to offer for practice on this level?
  • What are other good sources for small challenges aimed at solidifying the basics?
    I have a list of personal ideas of things I’d like to build, but they are complete apps that require algorithms, a concept, UI design and so on. Getting started with these won’t help me practise coding for a while yet, because I’d have to deal with all the preliminary work first, and when I’m ready to actually code them, I wouldn’t even have all the necessary programming tools ready.
    What I need at this point of my journey would be more guided tasks - with small steps and hints - at the level of code I can use after having completed the Learn Javascript course. This is the kind of exercise that is hard to just make up for yourself, and that you’d normally have teachers and textbook authors create for you (but I already seem to have exhausted Codecademy’s resources in this department!).
    Any pointers and inspirations are greatly appreciated!

I do understand; practising and maintaining fluency is hard, especially when you’re learning a different language! I too thought CC had more projects, but it seems that you’re right in that they only have a few purely JS projects, that don’t branch into web dev or anything like that. Having said that, there are a few good websites for practising code, such as Codewars or Hackerrank, which is good because I think they also provide some lessons.

You also mentioned that you’ve completed the HTML course, or section of the Full stack path? If so, then you should have nearly all the tools to build interactive websites (albeit without the CSS). There may be a few things that you’ll need to look up (such as how to get your JS code to interact with the HTML and web page), but the challenge of having to figure things out should also increase your comfort with both JS and HTML.

I hope this helps!