Need help finding an IDE

I am trying to learn HTML & CSS right now. I would like to practice coding on an IDE , outside of Codecademy, that displays (or “runs”) the results. I have tried some, and I keep having issues with the code. The code I write on Codecademy works just fine on the website, but when I try to use the same code on an IDE I downloaded, the code will not work. Has anybody found an IDE that will work? Hopefully, a free one? I use a windows computer.

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For web development, VSCode seems to be by far the most used (and my personal preference), it’s free, has plenty of features and lots of extensions/themes. While that would be my recommendation however, the key thing is finding on that you like, I’ve also heard good things about Sublime Text and Atom (although that one is technically deprecated - perhaps best to give it a miss, just mentioning for completeness)

This shouldn’t be the case - generally (aside from browser compatibility issues) HTML should be identical regardless of the place it’s running, and definitely regardless of the IDE used to write it. If you wanted to share the code/what wasn’t working with it we could have a look and see if there’s something else afoot?


VSCode has been great so far, very helpful with its auto completion of syntax and tags.
Plus you can customise to suit your needs but depends what you like i suppose!

Not sure why your code isnt working on IDE’s though, unless it doesnt support HTML, you might need to install something for it to understand that you’re creating an HTML file as opposed to some other language.

My personal favorite is <a href=">Brackets, it has live preview which connects to your browser, however, it only work with Google Chrome. It also has hundreds of extensions that you can download. Hope this helps!

Since Codecademy has a code tolerance which means that they still interpret mistakes, so it might be that your code has a small error.

Hi, personally I suggest to use WebStorm by JetBrains, here’s the link: WebStorm: The Smartest JavaScript IDE, by JetBrains
It allows you to have a real time view of your project using an integrated browser or even using other browsers already installed in your computer, it’s made for JavaScript but you can also use it with python or other language it’s on you,
I’ve used it until now and I’m really loving it, it isn’t free but if you’re a student you can access it via the GitHub student pack, if you’re not a student and also if you don’t want to pay I suggest to use the always loved VScode, maybe using a couple extensions like Live server for see real time edit of your page while writing the code and some snippet for html and css for being more productive during your coding session, hope to have been useful.

Well, I can recommend you some IDE and tools that you can use to practice HTML and CSS practice on your windows computer, which are listed below:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Atom
  3. Visual Studio Code (VS Code)
  4. Sublime Text