Need help/feedback regarding a new site

I have to often compare over 1k documents every month. I want to build an app where I can upload the documents and have a script to compare the documents and then generate a report that will rate the level of accuracy between the two documents, notify where there’s any discrepancies, and keep a monthly logs of previous month validation records.

I am very new to programming and this would be a challenge that I would love to solve. So far I have learned HTML, CSS, Java Script and Python.

Thank you

well, you know enough languages to manage this

For front-end there is clearly html, css and JS

for the backend you need to choice between python and JS. Python has a couple of webframeworks (flask and django) and for JS you have nodeJS

both will fit your purpose.

How should the uploaded files be compared?

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which one would you recommend that I learn between Flask and django? as for the files, I’m going to upload the files to be validated into the website using CSV format. the files on document 1 will compare with file on document 2 to look for the following: Name, Sex, race, date of birth, action type, paper type, alias name, alias DOB, etc…

once document one is uploaded, it will look for the matching document and then do the comparison.

Once it has completed all the comparison, it should return a report that would indicate: file 1, 100% accuracy. file 2, 80% accuracy, discrepancy on AKA names.

Flask you have to create much yourself, django already comes with a whole lot functionality included

i would go for django, just follow the tutorial from django website

So the trigger for comparison is file upload, that should be possible

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Thank you for the quick response and positive feedback. any suggestions? in terms of process?

Well, you need to decide exactly what you want. The design of your website, which might be tricky.

Just do the tutorial first to get a bit of an idea of how django works

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truly appreciate it. thank you