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I have a website and am trying to edit some items on my home page. On the top bar I have "Register or Login" on the left side and "My Account" on the right. I'm trying to: 1) move the "Register or Login" to the right side beside "My Account". 2) I want to enlarge the print of "My Account". I just have basic knowledge of CSS editing and tried to figure out how to edit the changes I want but I can't seem to find them in the Stylesheet.css file. Can anybody help guide me as to what I need to do to make those changes? I've included a screenshot of what I'm referring to.

You will have to add the actual HTML and CSS code you are using…

That’s just it I don’t know which code is the one to edit. I have beginner knowledge with this coding, I’ve done some but not much.

My website was from a pre-existing template which I’m trying to edit. I’ve looked in the Stylesheet.css file in the Header section but have only figured out how to change the font and color of the “Register or Login”, but can’t figure out how to move it to the right.

As far as “My Account”, there is nothing in that file even mentioning it.

Just frustrated and need some guidance.

Right click the element that you want to change, then click Inspect element. Check what the ID/Class(es) is/are, and search all of the linked stylesheets for those.

To move the text to the right, try text-align: right;, and for the size of the text, us font-size.

Thank you so much for the advice.

When you say to right click the element, do I do that in the browser after I’ve gone to my website?


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Ok thank you I will try that

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Hi, just a question…so I’ve clicked the inspect element…so how do I know which file it is I edit?

I’ve attached a screenshot of it.

Click Sources and you’ll see some directories and files, then find where a and topbar a are styled. I’d suggest adding an ID or class to the a elements, so you know which they are, and you can select them easier.

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This is what is highlighted when I click “SOURCES” -

Which is the file?

That’s what you want to see. The final CSS file (stylesheet) is the one that’s styling those elements.

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