Need help determining what language to use

I want to write a program that can help me automate the reconciling of a general ledger. This will involve one source file (any output of excel available) with multiple accounts and its transactions in each account on my side. This will be compared to statements from multiple banks (also in excel) that will be linked by the same account number.

My plan is to bring all data together, then sort by account and currency and highlight any outages. Anything that has a difference will go through a hierarchy of steps to resolve depending on the transaction type.

What would be the best recommended program for this project?

Probably many different solutions, but consider exporting to comma-delimited files, then importing data from those files into a relational database (something as simple as Access might suffice. I haven’t checked the SQL learning available on codecademy but expect it’s quite good if it is like lessons on other topics. SQL is a very useful database query language, and you can analyze that data in all sorts of ways [pun intended].
Good luck!
Signing off…