Need help deciding career path - Front-End + Back-End or just the Full-Stack course

The aim is obviously to get a job and/or build a website I have been thinking about as soon as possible.

To be clear I am not asking on what the differences are between Front End and Back End, rather on which career path I should go for either front end + back end taken separately or just the Full Stack Course.

Here is link to a similar topic I posted with an answer from the codecademy crew.
Basically the front/back end courses go a little bit deeper in some topics than you would in full stack but much of the content is the same. When you finish a unit in full stack that is also in any of the other units it will be marked as finished there too. If you want the knowledge from both courses but the flow from the full stack course you can take that first and then look back to the others to see if they have something you want that you don’t already have. That’s what I’m doing.