Need help coding this on java



Build a new desktop application for processing different unit conversions

Must use command line interface
Should provide a welcome message 1st time opening as well as menu offering access to perform all different conversions

  1. Kilometres to Miles
    2 .Miles to kilometres
  2. litres to Gallons
    4 .Gallons to Litres
  3. Kilometres per hour to miles per hour
  4. Miles per hour to kilometres per hour

-Each time user input is required it must be clearly labelled as to what the user must enter and in what format
-Each time results are given to the user it must be clearly labelled what the request was and what the conversion result is
-your code should follow naming conventions when it comes to variable names and code appearance
-your code should be clearly commented as the system may need to be maintained by other developers


Sounds like a good challenge. Good luck! :slight_smile: