Need help at 81 % stage 4

Im stuck when it’s asking me to go to SOURCE to activate the changes to the bash profile for the current session… What do i do ?

What is it about source you don’t understand ?
This is a help item from the great big WWW accessible thru your browser.
I quote
source is a bash shell built-in command that executes the content of the file passed as… blah blah blah
You can look it up yourself
If you go back in the course, it’s explained very clearly, in fact

This was not helpful. :frowning: i am having the same problem and trying to figure it out. there are many videos on how to succeed in the course but the best way is to try another day and it will work. i have tried that many times and i have solved the most difficult problems in all subjects.

What is not helpful about it ? Your statement is not very helpful to me in understanding why I’m not helpful to el144.
Have you tried a google search on the subject ? As I said, the course itself explains “source” very clearly.
I also stated source is a built in shell command. Put those two together and you come up with the answer.
I think “Learn the command line” is one of the better free courses on this site.
There are 2 ways you can learn programming.
The lazy way - ask someone else for help on even the simplest things.
The intelligent way - do some research on the internet before asking your question.
I’d make a rough estimate that in 95% of the requests for help on these forums, the answer could have been found on the internet without asking the question.
If english is not your first language, sure, no problem, I and anyone else can help with that.
However if you look at the original question… Well , do you need me to carry on ?

This course is a bit weird. I’m not really sure who it’s really aimed at. It pretty clearly moves/skips too fast for many complete beginners.


$ source ~/.bash_profile

runs script in the current shell. If this doesn’t really say anything to you, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re really interested. If you are actually interested it’s time to read guides, books etc. You’d normally use it for thing like loading variables stored in a different file into another script.

Here to put it simple and easy: It runs the script we wrote in a way that allows us to test the results right away.


I would just like to point out that nearly everyone here has used the “WWW” access the content that we are trying to learn. There is really no need to be snide and condescending to people that are attempting to learn new things and reach out to others for help. Either you can help or you cannot.

Please explain what you mean by "condescending " / “snide” in my suggestions. The example I first quoted clearly explains what the term means.
Are you sure yourself that “nearly everyone” on here uses the world wide web to carry out basic research before asking the questions or are simply too lazy to find out for themselves ?
If you are sure, how do you know ? Have you carried out a user poll to find out ? Have you evaluated the ease of finding answers to the questions asked and evaluated the quality of the explanations against the complexity of the questions ?
If you haven’t, then start with this question and examine my answer and kindly explain how its “condescending”

Im sure you have already finished the Command line course and all but I think this is worth posting because I was hitting my head against the wall because I wasn’t able to make my source code plug threw…
The issue was that in the example it looks like source has no space before the tilde (~) “source~/.bash_profile”
the code simply wants you to put a space between source and the tilde like “source ~/.bash_profile”

I just completed this course today.