Need Help at 79%

not sure what’s wrong here won’t check off 2 I enter ctrl + O then enter then ctrl + X then clear no check and I am not typing out ctrl

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you have lias instead of alias on your last line in the file

no that is the highlighting block on the a flashing

Oops, sorry. I didn’t realize that. After you save the file. press enter and then run

It’s ok I didn’t realize it was like that. So I save using ctrl + O and run how? I followed the rest of the instructions and it output pwd I’m not sure why I’m not getting the checkmark in two

i guess because saving the file wasn’t enough maybe? you still needed to run it? No idea, but good you resolved the issue

No I’m sorry for the misunderstanding I’m still stuck on two it won’t check it off. What do you mean by run it?

sorry, i am not paying attention. it says: Clear the terminal window

Which if i had to take i guess, means after you exit nano, you need to run the clear command