Need help about PupSpa project!

So I had a lot of confusion during this projects since my screen looked greatly different with the one in the video. I reset and did same thing over and over but I couldn’t find any error! So anyway I finished the projects but I’m still confused about whether I did right or wrong. So can anyone review my code to see if anything was wrong? Thank you.

Good day,

Thanks for posting. Can you provide a link to the project as well.

I’m having the exact same problem as “ye-wonl8998422915”

Could someone from the Codecademy Team help here?

Link to the project:

I’m using the newest Version of “Brave” Browser…

Thank you for help

Hi guys! I’m having similar problems with that project. It’s been bothering me for days now and I simply can’t let go of this. The image of the sleeping dog is overflowing over multiple rows when expanding the window to the ‘desktop’ version. Have you had any luck in figuring this thing out?