Need help a little bit


Can somebody explain me what mean this part of code?
" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/> "

Because during the studying, i haven't see anything about it


what specifically do you not understand? <link> is used to link to external stylesheets, and most certainly covered in this course, from MDN:

The HTML <link> element specifies relationships between the current document and an external resource.
Possible uses for this element include defining a relational framework for navigation. This Element is most used to link to style sheets

type is no longer required in html5, href you used before (<a href="#">click me</a>), in that case href tells <a> where to go when clicked, when used in <link> it tells html where it can find the stylesheet.

again from mdn, information about rel:

This attribute names a relationship of the linked document to the
current document. The attribute must be a space-separated list of the link types values. The most common use of this attribute is to specify a link to an external style sheet: the rel attribute is set to stylesheet, and the href attribute is set to the URL of an external style sheet to format the page. WebTV also supports the use of the value next for rel to preload the next page in a document series.