Need help 25


does anyone know no.25


Can you show us your code @12kolesenbrannel_com? Or we cant help. What part dont you understand?


I have found it out now thank u


could u help me with no.28??


Show me your code.. @12kolesenbrannel_com


if (20 % 4===0) {
console.log("you like soggy letuce");
console.log("you are a buger munching gezze bean");


Change your second line to :

console.log("I finished my first course!");

Please read instructions next time. Thankyou


thx bruv I will come to u if I need anymore help is that okay?


Sure @12kolesenbrannel_com any time. You can also post a topic about it and i can reach you there. If im not in my computer somone could help you


okay nice 1 mate its just cause im doing a gcse course for computing and this is helping me alot


sorry but I need ur help on no.2 its saying I have a syntax error


var age = prompt("whats your age")
if ("you old bag")
("you young fresh boi")


Ok an if statement goes for a condition... Remember,

so you could say
var age = prompt("whats your age")
if (age>50){
console.log("you old bag")
("you young fresh boi")



it still says theres a syntax error


What lesson is this , and next time can you please post a topic about it... Im going to school anyways in 15min.