Need Feedback on U.S Medical Insurance Project

Hey all,
I would love to hear your feedback on my work on this project US-Medical-Insurance-Cost/us-medical-insurance-costs.ipynb at main · Madjidiaw/US-Medical-Insurance-Cost · GitHub .

It was a bit challenging as endless analysis can be done with the dataset. I think I have narrowed it down for now to a simple analysis to start, and I plan to go deeper after completing the data visualization section.

It took me about 6 hours to complete the project and I am a working progress in including a narrative for the purpose of the python code.


Hello everyone, I did this project for the U.S Medical Insurance Project, and I would love if anyone could give me any feedback, maybe just tips to how to make my code cleaner, I don’t know, maybe tips on where is better to use classes than functions or viceversa
Thank you all
medical_insurance.txt (2.8 KB)

I think of classes as an integration system for functions in a project to create functionality and simplicity. I like how clean your code is; and maybe, you can challenge yourself to include the functions in the class to see the same results you currently have.


Thank you very much, I’ll keep it in mind