Need Direction

Can anyone point me in the direction of any website(s) which will assist me in creating a fully functional login and password system in HTML as well as a fully functional forum like this one. Any links would be helpful.
Thank you
Satanshu Mishra

login and password system in HTML? That won’t work. Do you know any other languages?

By HTML I mean any other language in code - I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and I am learning Bootstrap.
Satanshu Mishra

I am guessing this task will need to be performed by a language such as php - which I do not know. Anyhow, can you provide me with any website which can explain and guide me though the process?

You will need to choose a database query language to use. PHP has a mysql extension (mysqli).

Just read the documentation for it.

PHP is a valid option, but if you are already familiar with Javascript you can also consider NodeJS. There are plenty of tutorials out there which explain how to make a login, and can also provide you with one. But in what language? NodeJS (which i have no experience in) or PHP? or something else? (ruby, python, golang)

Thanks for the reply I will look into each of the languages to determine which one works best. As far as exploring new languages goes, I will need to do some research to understand what i am doing. NodeJS may be something to look into however I was looking at PHP the today and found it to be quite simple.
Thanks for the help!

start by learning PHP. The problem is that some/most tutorials don’t take the necessary security measures which are needed.

Here is one which includes everything:

including the DB setup.

But then again, this tutorial doesn’t have a kill if the DB connection is not successful. You should have that.

Assuming you use windows, install XAMPP, this gives you a webserver + DB + php, that should help you forward.

Sadly, I have created my website on a mac but I will move it on to a Windows and install XAMPP.

Thanks for your Time!

There’s MAMP also

Ok will look into that too.

windows is the most used OS, most of the time this is a safe assumption.

as you can see on the xampp download page, there is also a MAC version

You already installed all the components (web server, database, php)? That is of course also perfectly fine