Need development



how i can develope this code ?

user_input = raw_input("please enter a valid word: ")
if len(user_input) > 0 and user_input.isalpha():
    name = user_input
    print name[1:] + name[0] + 'ay'
    print "Please enter a valid word Or You not a human"


For best results, follow the instructions as closely as possible, and use the exact variable names given.


actually this code i create it before i follow the instruction, i want it the code to be simple and short as possible as i could .


Then we have to move your topic out of this part of the forum, over to the Corner Bar.


why you have to move it ?


Because it doesn't follow the instructions and creates confusion in the dedicated Q&A. Out in the Corner Bar you can play around and discuss ideas without concern, and without creating a disruption in the other category.


Oh i get it so Corner bar is for prupose ideas , i love that , thankx anyway


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