Need Codecademy Pro Refund

Hello. I had started a Codecademy-pro free-trial (for annual membership) which was supposed to end today and I was going in to cancel it but it had already charged me… Please cancel my current subscription and give me a refund for this since I do not wish to use Codecademy pro. I tried to cancel it but it did not work. The money is too big for me and I must have a refund. Thank you.

We cannot help with PRO subscription cancellations here on the forums. You can contact Codecademy Customer Support here.

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Welcome to the forums, but as @dr_victoria has already said we can’t help with billing on the forums. You need to reach out to the Codecademy Customer Support team to resolve your billing issue. To submit a request, use this link:

Someone from the team will be sure to get back to you within 48-72 hours.

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