Need Clarification on python exercise


So I was doing the “Learning Python” course from codecademy and this one exercise confused me a little…

so the direction was:


Write a function called string_function that takes in a string argument ( s ) and then return s that argument concatenated with the word 'world' . Don’t add a space before world !

and the answer was:
n = “Hello”

Your function here!

def string_function(s):
return s + ‘world’

print string_function(n)

so what i want to know is that how does “s” have a set value of “Hello” and if you do s + world, it comes out to be Hello World, also the fact that you print string_function(n) although, n was never an argument in string_function… im confused can someone help?


But it is,

There is your n.

Recall that n is already pointing to set string object. It is that string that gets passed to s, the parameter of the function. The output should be, HelloWorld. No space.


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