Need Basic Java/ JavaScript, and PHP project IDEAS :D


Hello! Recently finished a Java PHP course here, very near the end of JavaScript, but it's frozen :frowning:

Anyways, I need a basic project Idea for each of these languages. I want to at least get some experience, then I will try some random bigger project for a company or someone etc.

Thank You!


Java -> android apps is one the things you can do with Java

But Java is really my area, someone else will have to answer that for you.

As for PHP and JS (javascript), i would recommend to learn html and css then as well. given html and css are markup language, this should be relatively simple. Once you have this knowledge you can build static web pages (html and css), dynamic webpages (html, css and js) and PHP to power the backend of your website

Of course, you could then learn SQL to strengthen the back-end of your website with a databas (DB), then you can make a powerful web-app.

if you want this, you can install XAMPP, this comes with a webserver, DB and PHP and you can build a webapp.

There is also a framework for PHP, called Laravel, which makes it easier to build web apps.