Need assistance with lesson 11-3


Someone please help me figure out whats wrong. Been at this for over 2 hrs and CANNOT figure it out.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I assume my Div are wrong.


What does it tell you when you hover over the :red_circle:?

On line 19, you haven't closed your h1 element.
On line 21, you haven't closed your p element.


Ah ok! How do i properly close the elements? This is my introduction to coding so I'm still
learning industry terminology.


I'm having the same problem because it seems like everything is closed


The closing tag for the h1 element should look like this: </h1>, and for the p element it would be </p>.


Appreciate that!! its amazing how something so subtle makes a huge impact.


i am also stuck on the #3 question and i cant find out why

  1. go here:
  2. click the + New Topic button
  3. fill in the template
  4. someone will help