Need an unordered list inside your unordered list profile section


Not sure what I'm doing wrong but then I've been up for the last 53 hours so my mind isn't firing on all cylinders.
 <!DOCTYPE html>
	<body> <img src=""/> </body>
	Age- Old Enough. Female. Where ever I happen to be.
	<li> Fencing.</li>
	 <li>No job</li>
	 <li>We're Starfleet. Weird is part of the job.</li>
    <li>Love to code</li>
    <li>Love to fence</li>
    <li>Hate cooked veggies</li>


You need the closing body tag.



Or else it won't work.


I added the tag right after posting this. Still getting the same code error.


This li is outside the opening tag of ul or ol

You need to nest an ol list inside the ul list, you have your the ol list after the ul


Hi I just started learning code about 4 or 5 months ago..i came to your posting because I didn't know what an unordered list inside an unordered list looked like but now I am clear..thank you for that! However, as I was looking over your profile section do you think that maybe the periods being at the end of </li>Fencing.</li> and <li>Everywhere.</li> is the reason for the error message? I am not critiquing because I am learning myself. I just want to understand it! Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Dear blogcoder68979,
You have two errors in the code above.
The closing tag AFTER is unnecessary.
You misplaced the closing tag. The closing tag should be placed after the closing after expunging the unnecessary .
Other than the two errors I have listed above, your code looks remarkable!


always nest your code for easy identification of bugs.