Need an advisor or someone from codecademy to contact me please


I have been trying for two days to get someone from Codecademy to contact me. I have been charged twice on the same day via two different payment options for the same month. I first tried to pay with paypal but was given an error stating transaction could not be processed. So used my DC directly only to end up being charged twice. Once thru paypal and once via my card directly.


@CommunityManagers -- could you guys have a look at this please?


On it, thanks for flagging!


Hey Matt, so sorry to hear this has caused an issue for you. I've contacted you through the chat functionality on the main platform (, and will followup there shortly, after I've checked your account history.

Thanks for bearing with us!



Its Mark actually. I appreciate it. Can't for the life of me locate any chat functionality or correspondence on the main platform?


Gotchya, thanks Mark! Take a look at this post, and let me know if that helps:


It says I do not have access to this topic?


Can you try logging out and back in?


Just logged out and back in twice and it still sorry, I do not have access to this topic.


I just checked and even Super Users can't get access.


Thanks! This helped fix the issue with permission settings for the category. However, the link should only be available to Codecademy Pro users, who pay for our Advisor service as a feature of the Pro product.


I figured that out after replying :stuck_out_tongue: