Need advise

this JQuery just made me mad, completed javascript in 3 days. i thought , yes everything is good, but today i began with JQuery and oh my God , stucked and frustrated, i am already 60% done the course but with lots of searching Google and reading other comments. just tried to write smth in javascript and what?! i cant even make objects.
maybe dedicated pros can give some useful advise about learning speed and materials to use.
specially JQuery course does not have enough hints or comments and i do not even know what i do but it passes and works. thanks in advance.

Hey, I’m sorry to hear that…
I am really surprised though…
Are you doing this course? Or the old one?

Being as this is really a walk-through, moreso than a full-blown course curriculum, it can be frustrating when holes are discovered in our knowledge base in some exercises. Recommend take it in stride and post any code you have doubts over or questions regarding.

all about this course off course. but i learn nearby also perl maybe that frustrates me but it shouldn’t affect my knowledge as i know. i really would like to see more tips in exercises here .
maybe also some additions like, when i do accomplish one point in instructions that point receives right symbol in green near it and wrong as it will give learner more comfortable atmosphere to work on.
my main goal of learning javascript i want to make some games for my photos in .portfolio. i do not know if i can post here the external link , do now want to be banned as it could be seen as advertisement. but would really like to receive some clear feedback on what and how i changed css and added some js and even modified some other codes.
what can be problem if i can read codes and even modify them but when i myself write i just stay without knowing what to do first. it is like you want to draw smth you have colors but to use them accordingly you you put them all on canvas, it makes me little bit mad :)). i searched also for java script in pictures with full explanation of items, definitions but no result only some books that made me much more confused.

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I also suggest going at a slower pace it will help you absorb the knowledge better :smile: