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I’ve been learning HTML and CSS on Codecademy and been wanting to learn WordPress for some time now. I’ve been hearing how successful people are when becoming a freelance WP developer. I’ve always wanted to start my own freelance business and figure.Will it be wise to learn the front-end languages and learn Wordpress at the same time. Any thoughts???
Please help me i am really confused.

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If you want to build WordPress-based websites, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with PHP.

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript on the front-end
  • PHP for the back-end (and on the front-end part as well)

“Learning WordPress”, though, simply means understanding how it works. It has its very own way of doing things. To be blunt, a muddled mess of spaghetti code.

And you’ll need to know PHP to find your way through the maze.

But it’s not too difficult to learn, and there is work out there for freelance WP developers (albeit a lot of competition). So keep working on your HTML/CSS skills, and learn PHP.

Best of luck!

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