Need advice on where to start

Okay…So I have been on Codecademy for a while now and I am looking for some advice, I have done some basic courses like SQL, python 2, other certs like compita ITF+ and now working on A+ but looking for some advice for some hands on experience, I currently have a company and getting an entry level job in a company really isn’t an option for me, because of the time I need to be able to be available for it.

But I am kinda stuck between the wall because I need to find a way to get more hands on experience but at the same time I notice that not a lot of companies or people I know really want you to come on board if you are not available full time and have years of experience in your belt, but at the same time I feel like I don’t have the experience to really be able to take part in contract work because of my limited experience and basic knowledge.

Does anyone have any advice on where and how I could get some more hands on experience at least working part time on it? Or what should I do in these cases?

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For your case contributing in the open source organisations which work on similar projects which resembles your tech stack. When you contribute in open source you can gain good hands on experience of a real world projects which are running out there. Also don’t expect income from open source contributions at first. Don’t do open source contribution if you are looking to get paid for everything you do. Your second option can be to look for remote jobs with flexible time of work. Hope this helps you if you need further help let me know.

thanks for the advice!

any opensource proyects you know about that needs some help? O jobs looking for an entry level programmer?

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If you’ve done the Python2 course maybe study Python3 as well.
If you have a portfolio make sure you add some projects bc while certificates are nice, potential employers want to see what you’ve learned put to use.
You could always gain experience working with others by participating in a hackathon. Do some research on that and see what you find too.


Talking about finding good projects related to you tech stack is really easy. Follow the steps below to find good active issues related to your tech stack:

  • Go to your GitHub home page which looks like this
  • You can see Issues on top with Pull request . Once you are in Issues sections you have to change from labels just change yours like mine.
  • You will find many issues related to your tech stack here like this.

Now if you want active projects related with your tech stack where you can create new issues and add more feature you check this link. I use this trending page to find active repo/communities related to my tech stack(in your case I searched for python related repos).

Moving on to you next point in questions which was about jobs related for an entry level programme. I would suggest the same as @lisalisaj did above, build a good portfolio and build good projects to showcase on that portfolio. Always look for good hackathons going on or internships offers. You would need a good profile to get you hired in full time junior role. For internship I have this repo I will suggest to keep an eye on for coming internships in 2024 for 2023 coming internships check this. Winning/Participating in hackathons helps a lot it doesn’t matter if you win them all but at least try to complete the project they assign you. Well these are the suggestions I can give you for now. For further help tag me anytime in this topic.