Need advice on what to do, thanks!

So far I have built a list of things I need to learn. It goes like this:

-Digital Marketing
-Codeacademy/FCC courses
-Look for projects on freelance sites (I am beginner-intermideate level in terms of web dev coding languages… I learned html, css, javascript, and am learning python)
-Work on my own projects
-Build my website for a beat store I am making / for my personal portfolio website… would wordpress be able to make a beat website where I need people to be able to download beats and listen to them?
-Learn installing software properly
-Learn command line in depth (already know basics)
-Learn about software depencies
-Version control
-web design

My main goal is to become a freelance web developer but looking at the job postings on upwork has left me very confused as to what to actually learn. I have been thinking that I should just follow codeacademy and freecodecamp curriculum, but again, after looking at the job postings, I see lots of skills I have never heard of.

Also the issue of wordpress vs handcoding is really confusing me, as I dont see the point of being a web developer if people can make their own websites these days really easily. My uncle runs a business and his website was made by him with wordpress.

How do I learn to build a website from scratch is their any good websites or videos on this? I would not know where to start coding or how to start.

Is my list of things to learn smart for my goal of becoming a freelance developer?

Again the upwork postings have left me really confused as to what to learn. Most of the skills are not stuff I find on FCC or Codeacademy but Ill have to look deeper. Also the skills seem to change drastically from job to job, so how do you specialize in one field while freelancing.

Is it smart to get a broad base of knowledge or should you focus yourself on one skill? I feel the latter is better, but it is proving hard to do.

I have more questions but cant think of them at this time.

If you have time to answer this I would be very grateful.



Now pick one, and only one of those things. Give it your all. Keep the list, but set it aside until you can check this one off. Your immediate to-do list should have nothing to do with any of those other things, only this one.



Excellent advice here:


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