Need advice on coding bootcamps

Hello guys,

I plan to take a coding course for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but the thing is, there is a course which is 160 hours long (begginner) and then there are ones that are over 360 hours long and potentially gives you job opportunities.

I need advice here, is it worth it to spend over 1000 EUR on a 160 hour course, or should I teach myself up to the point where I can go straight to more intermediate course?

Also, to people who’ve attended such courses, how intensive/tough are they and is it as efficient in a short period of time as some of the soft. devs claim it to be?


From what i have gathered, boot camps are a risky choice. Alot of things to keep an eye out for is the pass rate on the pre-training, the drop out rate of a course and the employment rate.
Lets say x amount of people enter the course, and y amount finishes, y amount becomes employed after the course (might not even be related to coding) but sure as ■■■■ need to get back into work after an intensive boot camp course.

The stats say “90%” employment rate, you need to question what jobs did the students get, was it a coding job, how long did they stay employed for, etc. Also, as it is a crash course, the intense learning curve isn’t for everyone, and once your in its down to your own determination to pull through any illness, lack of motivation, distractions etc.

Also 1000 EUR from my experience seems a little low for the fee, my local boot camp costs almost 6 times that amount . If you vet the company, i’m sure you’ll find the answers you need as like most businesses, there are great companies and bad companies. With it being so broad, you will have to “code” your opinion of them yourself :wink: Granted there are great boot camps out there with success rates but vigilance is key for such a commitment.