Need advice for getting a job into AI/ML engineering with no tech experience and history

Hi everyone,

I am very new to tech with no past experience and exposure. I am very interested into AI/ML engineering.

I was wondering how can I get into this job. Should I focus on learning a specific programming language first? or the fundamentals of computer science like algorithms and data structures?

I know that there’s limited or not a lot of available entry level jobs in AI/ML engineering, which path offers a lot of available entry level job that is also relevant and can be a transferable skill to AI/ML engineering?

I want to get paid and have a consistent income on tech industry while enhancing my skill and getting more experience to have more opportunities and be qualified to land a job on AI/ML engineering.

My second interest aside from AI is full stack development which is it already offers a step by step here in freecodecamp. But I heard data analyst and software development/engineering is more relevant and can be transferable into AI compare to full stack development. I heard also that it also has a lot of available entry level jobs and I can make a good income while in the meantime gain more experience for AI engineering.

Should I focus my time and energy instead on data analyst or software development/engineering?

I am overwhelmed and confuse right now and need help on giving my time and attention on the right path for my main goal.

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There is no need to be overwhelmed. Although the leap you are trying to make seems huge, you can achieve what you want with small steps and dedication.

Some questions you should ask yourself are What is my end goal? - Do I really want to pursue an AI/ML career?

Given the fact that you are interested in the AI/ML sector, the path I would personally recommend is Data Analyzation and Data Engineering, as AI/ML is similar to that and based upon that.

A good start to combine both Data Analyzation and AI/ML is to start learning Python as it is used for both technologies. It is also used for your second interest which is Full-Stack Development.

Keep in mind AI/ML also requires extensive knowledge in mathematics and should be something you should not take for granted.

A great addition to your technology stack would be the introduction to algorithms (How they work, what they do, what types of algorithms are out there, etc.)

If you have more concerns do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you and yeah I really want to pursue and gain mastery in AI/ML but as of now I need to get into a tech job as much as possible and just like I mentioned that has a good income and a job that I can enjoy for an entry level.

Correct me if I am wrong. For my second interest which is full stack, it is much quicker and has the higher chance of landing an entry level job by building myself more projects and networking without having a bachelor’s degree compare to AI/ML?

If it is, I would love to focus more on AI/ML once I already have a lot of projects and a job on full stack.