Need a refund for codecademy Pro

Hello 3 days ago i was charged for the Pro service and I thought I had cancelled it last year. I really cant afford it right now and I need to pay bills. I already contacted customer support and i have not received any response.

Hello @micro4561, welcome to the forums! Please see the help desk for billing questions, as we can’t answer them on the forums.

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Thank you for the suggestion but I already did and I havent recieved any response. you dont have to answer my question but could you maybe give me a heads up as to how long its going to take to get a response from them?

I think it should take anywhere between 48-72 hours.

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As @codeneutrino has said, tickets typically get a response within 48-72 hours. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t heard back by then, please follow up directly with Customer Support. There is nothing we can do to resolve billing issues here on the forum. :slight_smile: