Need a little help with python

So basicly i was making a simple code for fun but it cant seem to work
ive probably messed up the if , elif and the else statements , beacuse i kinda forgot where i put the :
But now ive been getting another error .

answer = input("Whats 3*2?")
if answer == "6":
    return ("Good job")
elif answer == "4" or "5"
   return ("Close but not correct"):

    return ("Nope!")

and the error is

    elif answer == "4" or "5"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

the upward > is showing on the " at the end of the line

after the elif condition, general syntax:

elif condition:

how does 3 + 2 equals 6?

yeah i changed the 3+2 to 3*2 after i made this post. But why am i getting an invalid syntax at “5”?

Oh nvm im dumb you answered already sorry.