Need a course on Bootstrap!


Just a personal opinion of mine- specially for users who have done the HTML and CSS courses.
Bootstrap makes it extremely easy to optimize websites for mobile devices and a lot more. Hoping to see that soon on here


There is a part of a course on Bootstrap if you haven’t seen it. Its entitled: Building with Bootstrap. It’s under the course: “Making A website”. I’m not really sure what this section is about yet, but it says building with bootstrap.


Wow that’s cool! I’ve done HTML and CSS on here, gotta check that course out!


What is Bootstrap? I’m just curious. I’ve done HTML and CSS courses already.


Bootstrap is a CSS framework created by Twitter that helps in simplifying a lot of complications in HTML and CSS such as Optimizing websites, positioning etc. (It even offers you a new simpler and efficient grid system than CSS)


I’ve completed this course, but still not entirely sure what it is, and how to use it.


Thanks =)

That helped me out!


bootstrap helps make responsive websites that are handheld device friendly :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I just finished the course! It’s super cool and makes everything a lot easier.


I registered precisely for this, I need bootstrap knowledge to customize my website with wordpress, it’s fantastic.


Nice! Welcome to CodeCademy! I hope you enjoy it here!


This is a Pro Bootstrap course now!


Ahh Finally! Guess Cocecademy is listening :slight_smile: too bad its a Pro course… wish it was free though :confused: