Nearly all examples in "Intro to JSX" fail for me

Nearly all examples in “Intro to JSX” fail for me even though I am entering correct answers. (8/15 so far)

In what way does your code behave incorrectly?
Entering valid code and clicking Run, I get a red X on my instructions. The only way I can progress on most exercises so far (I’m on 8/15) is to “Get Code” to progress. I’ve triple checked I was entering valid data.Clicking “Get Code” replaces my code with an exact copy of my code except it works when I click Run.

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Same here, refreshing the browser won’t help

so far hello world and “jsx elements and surroundings” always fail for me.

15 others with hello world failing - Intro to JSX, Hello World error messages

this appears to be fixed and is now working for me. thanks.

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