I am in yr10 and i took computing for GCSEs. in the programming coursework (called the NEA) and i have a few questions regarding it. first of all, how long should i spend on each section of it (the programming, the assessment of my prgram etc.). if someone can answer it i may ask that person a few other questions.

It’d be best for you to ask your teacher about that, since they’ll know the course better than anyone here. I’m finishing Y11 now, but I didn’t get the option of Computing or Computer Science, since our year was the last to do ICT, so I can’t really help with this specifically.

Ask your teacher tomorrow and see what they suggest :slight_smile:

I did that but i want to ask someone who has done the test quite recently as the teacher couldn’t answer my Qs.

Ah okay. Well I can’t help unfortunately, since I haven’t been able to take the GCSE you’re doing, but if you need help with anything else, you can just PM me or @mention me in a thread.

Good luck finding someone to answer your questions :slight_smile: