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For number 2 I can’t get passed when they ask us if we put down the pwd. Can anyone please help me out?
$ cd …
$ cd … pwd

is what i put

A link to the lesson would be helpful if you could provide that, please. (So people can read the instructions). Or a description of the question. is the link. Thank you very much

cd & pwd go on separate lines as they’re separate commands.


cd ..

thank you but since i already tried that, I need to ask again what happens after that and what should i do to fix it?

Can you screenshot the code you wrote and paste it here?

Sometimes you have to reset the workspace and try again. Go under the gear icon and select “restore default workspace”.

It should look something like:

$ cd 2015
$ ls
feb  jan  motherboard.txt
$ cd ..
$ pwd
$ ls #not necessary but you can use this to *list* the files and directories in the current dir.
2014  2015  hardware.txt
$ cd 2015
$ cd jan
$ cd memory
$ pwd

is what i put. thank you

you have to select the “check work” button. (and hit return at the end of that line to view the current working directory).
Did you clear the terminal and then try the commands that I wrote in my previous post?

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