Navigation bar question

Hi, I am using a navigation bar using a sample code like the following. However, my problem is that I have a number of html pages generated separately and I want to open them when specific item on the navigation bar clicked. But the problem is when each page opens the navigation bar is lost. My question is, how can I have the navigation bar showed at every page without editing each of the individual sub pages?

By using AJAX to stream in the content and keep the location alive. Start with a basic page that at least shows something if the script doesn’t run. It should be a complete and valid HTML5 document and not much else. A default style sheet to go along with it will help with presentation of the stripped down (boiler plate) page.

When the page first loads it will stream in the Home page content automatically. Only then will the navigation be usable. The pages that are streamed into this page do not need to alter the window. Just insert content as requested.

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