Navigating to "My PC" or "This PC" through bash command line in Windows

Dear friends in Codecademy,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to navigate to “My PC” through bash command line. There is “Windows C:” directory where I created my Projects directory. I was advised to create directory in desktop because it is easier to access. However I am still curious how someone navigates to “My PC” in bash command Line using Windows. Thank you

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Nick Nguyen

This question is flawed, BASH (born again shell) is the default shell on my *nix (based) operating system. Windows has cmd, not BASH, we can navigate in CMD, that is possible.

getting to your desktop would require:

cd \users\<your_username>\Desktop\projects

assuming you are in the c: drive, otherwise you have to type c: first, we can also navigate using a relative path, but its been to long since i used windows cmd

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Thank you stetim94, sorry I forgot I was using the Gitbash app Codecademy suggested for windows users

Your advice worked, I changed directory to “c:” and it worked flawelessy. Thank you very much!

That has also been a while, but then you have different directories i believe.

then you should be to ~/Desktop` to get to your desktop.

I used git bash for a while, then i just used Linux. Using two different OS (git bash is a linux subset or something like that) with different shells got confusing

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