Navigating to different lesson

I’ve only recently restarted using the site after the redesign of the format and find that I can’t navigate to individual lessons any more - I can only start an individual course, This may sound trivial but when I want to review something I’ve already done I have to go back to the beginning of each course and work through it if I want to look at the lesson. Is there no longer any way to go to an individual lesson like there used to be (you could just click on the lesson title and see all the lessons in that course)? If not, that feels like a major error in designing the new layout,

each course has a track overview (for example the one of web), there is a link for it on the main site, then you can select the right track, once in the lesson, in the bottom left is a hamburger menu to navigate to the required lesson

Quit a good system actually, once you figure it out, navigating is good


Ah, I’ve got it now. Thanks