Navigate to the comedy/ how do i do that?


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please give a link to the exercise you are on.

on manipulation -l

i’m stuck on this also…HELP!!!

Hi, @netslayer29565 and @netninja81409 you need to be more specific on your question, so that you can actually get helpped. What exactly doesn’t work ?

If it’s only to navigate to the comedy folder : you need the command cd, but it will change according to where you are on the path. Check the configuration of the paths here.

Some examples (check in which folder you are with pwd) :

# FIRST EXAMPLE : you are in the movies folder
$ pwd
/home/ccuser/workspace/movies   # movies folder

# go just one step down to reach for the comedy folder
$ cd comedy/    # change folder
$ pwd   # check if you've changed to comedy folder
/home/ccuser/workspace/movies/comedy  # ok

# SECOND EXAMPLE:  now let's say you are in the drama repository
$ pwd
$ cd ../  # go up (back to movies folder)
$ pwd
/home/ccuser/workspace/movies  # ok
$ cd comedy/ # and down to comedy : 
$ pwd

# you could have done all that in one single command : 
$ pwd
$ cd ../comedy 
$ pwd
/home/ccuser/workspace/movies/comedy # ok

The …/ means that you go up (again, check the configuration of the paths).
Hope this will help.

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Hi I too am stuck on this exercise, it is asking you to navigate to comedy/ using ls.

Thank You

i already solved this problem. All i had to do was put:
cd comedy/

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