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When you ask a question, don’t forget to include a link to the exercise or project you’re dealing with!

Hi guys, I have still got same issue. I got my nav bar but cant get it to link to different page in my site. They are all labeled, I think i might have to assign an id? Not quite sure how to do this

Hi Sophie,

Is this a specific exercise or project you’re working on? If so, could you supply the link?

And then are you trying to link to a different .html page? Or were you trying to link internally to a specific area on the webpage?

you would probably make the other pages html files, so
Blog should be blog.html
and so on

After that’s done (and you have stuff on the blog page)
you could have
<a href="blog.html">Blog</a>
or if blog.html is in the pages folder,
you could do
<a href="./pages/blog.html">Blog</a>
to have that as a link to the Blog page blog.html

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Its in a project I am working on. I have done this but its saying page not found

It looks like the problem you’re having has to do with the files named without a file extension. Instead of blog.html, you have Blog and so on.

You’ll want to click on the three-dot menu to rename your file and add the .html extension.


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Excited to finally get it working, well sort of! Thanks for the help

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