Nav Bar Alignments and Coloring

Here is the HTML I’ve currently worked up. It’s only into Step 1, so there isn’t much to it yet.

So this is a two parter.

First I can’t seem to get the text to align-vertically in the header. I’ve tried “align-items: center” and it doesn’t change anything. I know I can just add padding to the top portions to center it, but there’s got to be a better way right? I’ve tried looking at different options and I can’t seem to get it to go down. I’m figuring I haven’t put it in the right selector yet.

The second question is, when I set the background color of the listed item it only makes the area around the word that color. How do I get it to fill in the entire space from top to bottom? I know there’s none to the left or right of it cause of no padding. Any input would be great, I’m going to continue googles answers, thanks.

If you want to color an entire area then make a div around the tags and give the div styling of how wide and what color background you want…

I’m not sure if I understand you first question, anyway for a Nav bar if you have it in unordered lists and you need to select it and style it in-line

I suggest doing HTML & CSS course thereafter go to the make a website course