Natural Language Processing Self- Learning Path

Hello to anyone reading this forum post.

My name is Mahima and I want to create a space to post about my journey to becoming a Natural -Language- Processing Engineer.

I will soon have a degree in Linguistics and Language studies and I am currently learning to code.

I belive that NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an interdisciplinary subfield of Linguistics and Computer Science, and I want to explore that further.

That is why I created this space, so that I can post about my findings and we can all discuss about our progress through this path. Let us explore an interesting field and motivate ourselves.
Welcome to Natural Language Processing!


NLP can be used for several important tasks. From my knowledge, many key technological tools that require linguistic analysis utilize NLP and Machine Learning. Some examples of these tools are auto-correction features; auto-generated suggestions (for example on google search engine); voice-operated systems like Siri, and Alexa ; voice recognition for security features.
So as we can see, NLP plays an important role in many new defining technological tools.

Logic is one of the key subjects that is very useful in learning NLP in my opinion. I’ve already taken a Logic course in my Linguistics field but it is also useful while learning to code in Python Language.