Hi, so I am having trouble with question 2 on this project.
The instructions in question 2 are not clear and the lesson before is even less clear. It says I need to edit the first line of artists/hiphop.txt but the problem is I don’t know either where to edit line 1 or how to make it so the system validates and accepts the answer I give which is supposed to be “Kendrick Lamar” Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
PS here is a screenshot

By the looks of it, now that you’ve opened Nano (a command line text editor, similar to something like Notepad just a bit more barebones) it just wants you to type “Kendric Lamar” into the top of the new Nano window (under where it says “GNU Nano” and then save it with the listed key binds.

After that it wants you to use cat to check the contents of the file, and after you do it will mark the task as done.