Nano p.2 problem - enviorment

In ~/.bash_profile, at the top of the file, type

echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”
I do all of the steps correctly, but when I type clear it erases everything and does not let me pass.

You can use your name in place of “Jane Doe”.

Type Ctrl + O to save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename.

Type Ctrl + X to exit.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window.

Can you describe what happens after each command (or maybe you can post a screenshots)?

im stuck on the same thing i follow everything press save it the exit it then clear it but nothing happens

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May I ask you to post screenshots (after each step) or list of commands you use?

I can’t help if I am not able to reproduce the problem.

i refreshed the page and retyped everything and it worked . thanks for the replay anyway

I seemed to be stuck in the same place. anyway you can help me understand it.

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I have the same problem when I type everything and nothing happens…not even an error message…here is what happened

“Hello, I am nano.” Ctrl + O
Ctrl + X

If anyone could explain why this happens because no matter how many times I refresh or restart the page can I get passed nano…thank you.

You don’t actually type that. You press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the letter O key, that saves your file. Then you do the same with the X to exit the editor.